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9th March 2022 - January 2023
From Tower Bridge Quay

Horrible Histories proudly presents its wicked boat tour of the Terrible Thames!
So climb aboard and prepare to hear the horrible history of the most famous river in the world!
Tremble in terror at the Tower! Sizzle at the Savoy! Give Cleopatra the needle! Be washed away at Westminster! Lose yourself in Lambeth! Get gobsmacked by the Globe! Hold onto your head at London Bridge and escape from Execution Dock!
Take a dive with Horrible Histories into the stories of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Julius Caesar, Queen Boudicca, Jack the Ripper and Captain Kidd, in this history of the Thames with the nasty bits left in!


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28th - 29th June at The Golden Goose

“Never flush a guinea pig, that’s the unspoken rule in the animal kingdom.”  

The ironically named, Bradley Pitts, has never had it easy. Haunted by his past trauma, just scraping through university, and resentful of his underpaid job. This isn’t where he should be. However, after an incident involving a three-week-old Tesco meal deal, a missing kitten, and a public trial by fire. Bradley snaps. 

Red Jay Theatre proudly presents a one-man, black comedy about identity, body dysmorphia, capitalism, and the horror of a steadily rising Freddo price.

by Joe Wiltshire Smith 

directed by Jordan Scott-Turner 

Starring Roger Parkins