The Micawber Theatre Company was formed in 2012 by young graduates from the East 15 Acting School. Born from the desire to breathe life into characters of the magnitude that are all too often out of reach for recently graduated actors, the Micawber Theatre Company approaches literary classics with refreshing and energized disciplines. Long forgotten tales from days gone by are dusted down and revived for a whole new audience. New writing is also encouraged and features heavily on our agenda. Our company takes its name from the lovable but financially unfortunate character from Charles Dickens’ novel, David Copperfield. Despite reaching the lowly depths of a debtors’ prison, Wilkins Micawber and his family remain living in hopeful expectation that “something will turn up”. The brilliance and enormity of Dickens’ characters are an incredible inspiration with our approach to choosing and staging productions, and there is something very resonant in the words of Micawber that all young artists should take to their hearts, in this most precarious and uncertain of industries. The proactive and supportive atmosphere that enshrouds the company’s ensemble is an invaluable asset to the development and sustaining of our young actors’ careers.

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This is where it all started. The original online audio series, wherein we are introduced to Isaac and George, and the many daft characters they come across



This is the latest audio comedy/drama written and created by Callum Hale during the 2020 pandemic.  Crumbleflan is a crumbling castle where King Vivian the Vague and Queen Ermintrude the Organized rule over their beloved subjects with the dubious assistance of Lord Crabtight the Cunning.



Both 'Moody Gear' and Murder By Sweet', are ongoing projects for Micawber.  Please have a listen and enjoy.