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'I adored every moment Roger Parkins was on stage.' David James - London City Nights

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a passionate Actor with years of experience in the industry. I love what I do, and wish to share my passion with you.  Come on in and take a look around to find information about myself, my career, updates on projects I’m working on and any upcoming shows.



Client 5

Parkins, as the main character Sebastian, is utterly convincing and I forgot for a moment that we were watching an actor on stage in all of his glory. He is very believable as the pseudo-therapist and I started to feel attached to his world

Maygan Forbes - Always Time For Theatre

This is an understated tour de force by Roger Parkins as Sebastian.  He modulates effortlessly and expertly between the different aspects of his role.

THEPEG - The Peg Review

Parkins as narrator and protagonist, had the crowd in his hand as soon as he opened his mouth.  The delicate interweaving of laugh-out-loud comedy and heartbreaking vulnerability makes it an absolute must-see and a West-End worthy performance.

Micheál Lagan - London Pub Theatres

Roger Parkins, making his professional debut, is good at handling the audience and makes Meff bafflingly watchable. 

James Loxton - British theatre Guide

Roger Parkins found the perfect balance of calm and authority for the club’s meticulously organised, over-cautious founder, ‘A’. 

Niki Shakallis - Entertainment-Focus

I adored every moment Roger Parkins was on stage - frequently reminding me of a homicidally included Mark from Peep Show. David James - London City Nights

Roger Parkins as Antonio, palpably wrestles with his moral conscience. 

Chris Omaweng - LondonTheatre1

Anthony Clark...coaxes entertaining performances from his excellent cast ...Roger Parkins’s jovial Meff. 

Alex Sierz - The Arts Desk

His sidekick, the likeable Roger Parkins, plays Doctor Watson in the rather bumbling Nigel Bruce mould of best friend. 

Richard Voyce - Plays to see

Roger Parkins is the perfect G&S performer. A light voice with just the right intonation and sharp diction, he plays a neat guitar too and richly deserved the applause.

What's on the Fringe

A key highlight to the piece that mustn’t go unmentioned, is the moment Roger Parkins as the Major General, performs the tongue twisting ‘I am the very model of a Modern Major General’ with ease, despite spitting out several words a second. Parkin’s scene stealer easily earns him the biggest applause of the night, leading to a rousing rendition at the curtain call. 

Jack Thomas - A Younger Theatre

Parkins gave a performance of tremendous brio. 

Rebbeca Crankshaw - Spy in the Stalls

The timing of the very first entrance by Roger Parkins and Mannering is spot on, and sets up the pace and energy that is continued.  This is a well written, well performed, simple yet tricky piece of theatre. 

H. Hemming - London Pub Theatres



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